The limited-service hotel chain “Charly’s house”, currently featuring two locations in Bielefeld and Tuttlingen, opened its doors in 2016. In comparison to similar hotel chains, it stands out through its colourful and young corporate design. Furthermore, both houses are among the first hotels in Germany using a special check-in system, where guests can easily check in and out by themselves on a touchscreen monitor.


In a minimum of time, the new, young brand “Charly’s house” was supposed to be placed on the German market both on- and offline. Starting with the development of a logo and Corporate Design up to the hotels’ room design and the creation of an own website featuring an online booking tool to process bookings in an easy way. Our focus lies on Charly’s brand essence: making every customer’s stay in a foreign city as simple and pleasant as possible providing a temporary home at a very small price. We spread both our message “Hello, good life!” and the corresponding lifestyle using a range of different media which, in the end, lead to the most important channel: the website including the booking tool.

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