The art of living and lifestyle – this motto characterises the hotel chain Légère. Providing exciting design and excellent service, guests will not only be well received, but feel at home. Currently, the hotel chain runs four houses in the cities of Bielefeld, Tuttlingen, Taunusstein and Luxembourg.


For the hotel chain “Légère Hotels” a totally new brand had to be established – starting with choosing a color code as well as appropriate fonts, followed by designing a logo and creating a slogan up to the brand’s image and positioning on the market. Subsequently, the new Corporate Design is to be transferred on all means of communication (on- and offline). All Légère hotels are characterized by their stylish interior combined with modern, elegant design and it’s exactly this image the brand should communicate. Choosing a discreet, timeless choice of colors – only slightly accentuated by intense color hues – in combination with modern, elegant fonts and expressive images, the personal style of the hotels is perfectly palpable. According to this Corporate Design not only the website was designed, but also a great range of printed materials (flyers, brochures,…) and promotional tools.
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