For more than 20 years, MEDGAS Technik is a global leading producer of medical engineering systems. Situated in several locations in Germany and abroad, MEDGAS develops and produces modern medical engineering technologies supplying national and international markets.


MEDGAS Technik is an internationally leading manufacturer of medical engineering products. The task which the enterprise approached our agency with was to create both a new logo and a new slogan. At the same time, the website of MEDGAS Technik should also be redesigned. When it comes to design, we decided to stick close to the company’s self-conception: providing the most modern technologies combined with high quality. As a first step, we chose clean-cut fonts and switched to a different color code – a serious dark blue hue combined with discreet colors like white and grey. For the slogan, we took a latin phrase hinting at the medical sector on one side and supporting the serious image of MEDGAS Technik on the other. In addition to this, we’ve already created several product catalogues for MEDGAS Technik developing a photographic concept, shooting photos and creating an overall design for the catalogues.
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